Top 5 Internet Marketing Tips For You In 2013

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Best Digital Marketing Practices For 2013 And Beyond!

As we begin the New Year, some of our internet marketing goals are being acheived,  while some of us are still doing are due dilligence.

Never the less, perhaps these few tips will point you and your business in the right directions during 2013.


  1. Blog Consistantly and Regularly

Although blogging may seem time consuming, companies that blog regularly generate twice as many leads as companies that dont. Great content is the ‘hook’ that attracts visitors and leads to your company, plus and personal interest in you the marketer:  As you know, once you feel comfortable with somone in digital marketing you want to work with them. So how often should you blog?  My advice is to blog as often as you can consistantly manage. Don’t commit to writing 3 times a week, only to break your own promise in a fortnight. Build it into your schedule, and whatever you can manage stick to it. If you can manage 8 posts a month, consistantly,  you will have a very successful blog generating lots of free leads to your internet marketing business.

2. Be prepared to test

Improvement and tinkering of your marketing funnel are different things with two very different outcomes. However, without strict A/B split testing it is very easy to mistake one for the other. For example, imagine what it could do for your business to double your lead generation without generating more traffic, but by optimizing your landing page instead? The SFM has many landing pages to choose from (constantly being updated I might add), so it would be easy to test a new one each month to so see if converts better than the page you have been using. By doing this, you will get ‘more bang for your buck’, without having to scale anything. Sounds great to me!

3. Tracking your internet marketing goals

You’ve set your goals for the year, so now you need to know how they are performing, and if you are on track to achieve them. If you keep an eye
on your marketing performance on a regular basis, you will stop yourself from falling behind. Keep a monthly record of everything you do from
leads you have generated to sales you have made. This will ensure you are on track with your targets month after month. A great source recommended from my friend aand co-founder of the SFM Stuart Ross is

4. Embrace Social Media into your internet marketing strategy!

Social Media is like marmite – some people hate and some people love it. Either way, you must have social media presence in 2013 to achieve internet marketing success. Like blogging, it must be updated regularly, so get in the habit of updating that Facebook page at least once a week, interact with others on your page, and generally show that you are a normal human being. People will like you, which means they will trust you which means they will buy from you. Need any other reason not to love social media?

5. keep learning, more education etc
In case you havent noticed already, internet/digital marketing is constantly evolving, which means you have to evolve with it. Don’t worry, you won’t have to go back to school, but reading content on your favorite blogs will help (sign up here to keep updated if you haven’t already!) Consider attending a couple of SFM marketing conferences this year. SFM host top notch conferences throughout the year (and should be going on world tour in 2013!). Books are of course a wonderful source of knowledge too. Right now, myself and my team are reading ‘Get Ric Click’ by author name here, which is proving to be a wonderful education in all aspects of marketing, and will help my business grow throughout this year and beyond. If you do the same, you will impact your internet marketing along the way!

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