Mobile Marketing – Some Facts For 2013

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As you are no doubt already aware, mobile is no longer a mere contribution to web traffic – it’s now a huge percentage. From 3G-enabled tablets, to mobile phones and even wrist watches – all are forming the overall traffic picture that web masters deal with every day. Let’s get into some facts and figures and see how pervasive mobile is in marketing as of today:

Consumer mobile usage:

  • 53% Americans use smartphones to access search engines daily
  • 86% of mobile users engage their device while watching television
  • 52% of local searches are done on a mobile device
  • Over 50% of Tweets come from mobiles
  • 30% of Facebook traffic originates from mobile
  • 82% of mobile usage is in apps

What we’re seeing here, generally, is at least 50% mobile attribution to traffic – and this figure will continue to rise as more people adopt smartphones. Think about the way you use your mobile now, compared to 5 years ago. Chances are, you are engaging with people online, checking and even responding to e-mail and finding locations with GPS – all from your mobile. 

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